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Specialising in Fishing Breaks

Fishing Rules

The lake is totally private whilst lodge is being hired. Fishing exclusive to lodge guests. 

The lake is approximately 2 acres in size and is very well stocked, boasting carp up to 40lb, tench, roach, bream and perch. 

Lake can be hired for match fishing outside of lodge hire periods. 

Fishing is then permitted from 7.00am to dusk, unless match fishing. In the instance of a match an agreed time for the match duration would have to be arranged prior to the match taking place. Strictly no night fishing in the instance of hiring the lake for the day. 

  • Barbless hooks only to be used. (No whisper barbs, micro barbs or flattened barbs).
  • No bent shanks.
  • No particle baits for example nuts or peas.
  • No tinned cat food.
  • No keep nets to be used (unless by prior arrangement).
  • No lead core leaders.
  • No Braided Line.
  • No Fixed Bolt Rigs.
  • No Bolt Locks
  • Maximum 12lb Line

All landing nets, mats etc. must be dipped. Mats are required for carp fishing to ensure fish are kept wet and cool. 

All swims to be cleared of line and rubbish in order to safe guard the other wild life at Lakeside Rendezvous. 

Checks are made on a regular basis 

You will notice that our own dogs may hassle you for tit bits and tell you how we don’t feed them. They are on very strict diets and we ask you not to feed them however much they hassle.

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